Eastern Catamount Declared Extinct

In March of 2011, the Eastern Catamount was declared officially extinct by the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

In 2011, Vermont forests and wildlife have rebounded from massive deforestation which was a result of economic activity in the 1800’s that included the cutting/burning of trees for potash and sheep grazing. There have been many reports of mountain lions in the Green Mountains spanning the years since 1881 when forested tracts started to return and the last officially recognized Eastern Panther the “Barnard Monster” was shot and killed.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bennington Banner Archives

Bennington Banner January 12, 1946: Ginger's Travel Talk Excerpt:
"Again, lately several places up state are disturbed over the reported presence of panthers or maybe one panther who visits around and allows himself to be seen mostly in Windsor and Orange counties but occasionally slips over into Addison and Rutland."

Other Bennington Banner Panther mentions:
July 24, 1946: One seen in Heartwellville July 22nd
July 27, 1946: Fearson sees one in Readsboro
April 8, 1946: Prowls Searsburg Hills
October 19, 1945: Black type visits James Johnson's poultry house.

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